I’ve been a professional psychic for 35 years. I use tarot with my clients, but I have a strong background. I’ve been studying the I Ching, astrology, and numerology for nearly forty years. And so I’m able to bring a lot to my work with clients.

I’m a tarot master. I’ve designed a system of reading that is scientific to a great degree: card combination meanings can be taught and learned. (I’ve been teaching for twenty years, and a couple of my more talented students are out in the world now helping others.) I have created tarot as a language

My book, THE LANGUAGE OF TAROT, is the culmination of thirty-five years of studying, teaching and professional practice.

In terms of my philosophy, I owe everything I am now to Dr. Carl Jung. Because he had the courage to explore non-scientific “psychic” work (tarot, the I Ching, astrology, mediumship), I had the courage to do it too. He used his own life as a laboratory many times. I have done the same. Not always pleasant! But the only way to learn, really.

The only tarot cards I accept as valid are packs based on the traditional Rider-Waite designs. These use color, image, form, cultural archetype and symbol to trigger unconscious (subliminal) responses. I don’t use anything but the Mary Hanson-Roberts cards. They’re incredibly emotional and intuitive, and I believe a good reader must be these things to do the best job.

I believe we all “know everything” and that we’re connected to a larger “database” that contains all knowledge, past, present and future. I use tarot as a kind of “keyboard” to connect to that database. I would say that I’m unique because I use tarot as a language, one that can be read, in the same way we read sentences on a page.  

Also, I believe psychic ability is part of our animal defense mechanism. We modern humans have mostly over-ridden the right brain (also the source of art), but in primitive peoples and animals I believe full psychic ability exists still as a kind of early warning system. And if a modern person has any kind of psychic gift, I believe that person can learn to do what I do.

I read from compassion, from my heart.  What I do may be partly intellectual, but it is much more emotional in nature. (I’ve found myself crying three times during readings: each time it was when looking at cards so beautiful they presaged joy for the client.)

So this is a little sketch of me, of my abilities and my beliefs.

I hope you’ll read The Language of Tarot.

I think most of you would find it really interesting, whether you’re interested in reading cards or not. There’s quantum physics, there’s psychology, there’s mysticism, there’s intuition, there’s history . . . I’ve put a whole world into this book. The world I’ve lived in for forty years.

Welcome to my world.

Jeannie Reed